Sampling-" YAMAWA on 


who are you when no one's watching?

new single ‘uptoyou’.- with free listen and free download available. 

Recently I had an opportunity to play and tweak with YAMAWA machines and sample sounds created and recorded by SOUNDS GOOD. when I first had a listen to their library I was really attracted to the rhythm and the rawness that the machines make. So I started by stretching out some random sounds and then created new perceptions of the same sounds through chopping. so in the track all the perceived sounds and background noise is from the YAMAWA sample. Aside from the kick and the hi hat(blended) clap from my drum machine. also I tried to feed in to my tape modules, so I could use Micro-sound to create a unique texture and warm noise. the main picking staccato sound was taken from the micro tweaked sounds of the modules as well.

so, who are you when no one's watching?

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