released october 4 2019

Willow is a conceptual release, themed around the fundamental ideas of time, space and anxiety. Each track evokes these ideas both musically and lyrically, aiming to find a harmony of expression where words and sounds hold equal measure.

Walls is an offbeat experiment driven by the narrative, the sound of silence and the absolute nature of space.
mid-tale is a techno jam telling a story of a dream, about how the physical space between people and the abstract space between memories can make the past feel less real.
floating still is a critical point of reflection, where the natural drums and tight rhythms work with the lyrics to expose our culture of taking, of one way love.
sad July utilizes a random field recording to introduce the idea of the now, and the fragile modular synth sounds reinforce this feeling of immediacy.
Namu Amitabul is a Korean mantra for meditation. The track explores how vocal repetition can create a kind of mad lunacy, which is shown in the dynamic sections of the music.
epilogue is an objective field recording of ying and yang on a train ride. Piercing, critical vocals try to come to terms with the anxiety of reaching the end.


The album tells a conceptual story of sound and emotion, how words and music can highlight the beauty of anxiety, and create an emotional awareness of the now.