Upcoming shows as of 2020.3.14


17                                Higashi-Izu, Country Course, Japan

APR 2020                 Rainbow Disco Club (LIVE)

25                                Silent Green, Berlin

APR 2020                 Ableton Loop (Studio Session)

25                                Tresor, Berlin

APR 2020                 Loop Klubnacht (LIVE)

23                               Nickson Room, Brisbane

MAR 2020                UQ School of Music - machìna

20                               Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne

MAR 2020                Disgracement II (LIVE)

18                               The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne

MAR 2020                AUGM (Presentation)

Due to the spread of COVID-19

all of the shows I had planned in March in Australia have been either cancelled or postponed.

This includes all shows that I had already booked during April in Japan and EU. I am so sorry about this, and i apologise for the inconvenience.


I'm sending my respect and cheers your way to all my dear friends who work as independent musicians, artists, and event organizers.


Please stay safe, and hopefully we can have another chance to meet again soon.

𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘦, 𝘮𝘢𝘤𝘩ì𝘯𝘢



"Take root steadily, green notes sway slow in the breeze, amidst the chaos of time"

machìna 2020