machìna is a Korean artist working and operating out of Tokyo. Her music is deeply personal and rooted in selfhood, and yet best experienced amidst the collective effervescence of a nightclub dance floor. The dichotomy is just one of the many seemingly contradictory elements that are resolved the more you listen, the more you learn about her. 


Her compositional style is both thoughtful and playful, hinting at her love of jazz, which is also evidenced in her confident modular improvisations when she performs live. Her vocals are pronounced and note-perfect, forged in the regimented training she underwent during her time as a K-Pop artist. And her tracks transcend cultures and genres, much as she has done throughout her life. Every experience seems to be channelled into her music.

She was recently asked to contribute to a compilation album by the record label Tresor, of the legendary club in Berlin.  In the Summer of 2021, she was featured on the widely popular track 'Hawk' by British electronic music duo Bicep. Her 3rd album 'Compass Point' was released independently in October 2021.