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machìna is a Korean artist based in Tokyo. Her music is deeply personal and rooted in selfhood, yet best experienced amidst the collective effervescence of a nightclub dance floor. Her compositional style is thoughtful and playful, hinting at her love of jazz, which can be seen in her confident modular improvisation when she performs live. Her vocals are pronounced and note-perfect, forged in the regimented training she underwent during her time as a K-Pop artist. Through this collaboration of technology, analogue systems and vocals, she is developing her unique style of electronic music. 


As a regular performer with MUTEK Japan, she is expanding her sounds into the world of multi-media experimental art, and her most recent performance at MUTEK Montreal was to great acclaim, which led her on the path to play at the SILVESTER KLUBNACHT at the Halle stage in Berghain at the end of 2022. In 2023, machìna was an integral part of the From Our Minds – To Be Announced 2023 tour, playing her newly developed live techno set to sold-out crowds across Europe and The USA alongside Richie Hawtin. The basis for this live set has been a year-long experimental project, Action, a series of dance tracks released periodically throughout the year, inspired by the defining harmony of rhythm and sound. These independent releases have been met with a buzzing reaction both on the dance floor and across mixed media, with the track 'Respect' being featured in a recent Miu Miu campaign and 'choom' being used in the Nike Campus campaign of 2024. 


Her unique style has led her to be picked up by brands including Prada, Miu Miu, Nike, Red Bull Music, Vans, and Shiseido for creative collaborations that highlight her ability to interweave the worlds of music and fashion. Some key events include playing a live set at the Prada Extends Tokyo event curated by Richie Hawtin (2022), headlining for the Miu Miu Club in Tokyo (2023) as well as being chosen as part of the NIKE X ACRONYM global campaign and as an ambassador for the MMW x NIKE Yoga collection.


In 2021, she was asked to contribute to a compilation album 'Trasor30' by the record label Tresor of the legendary club in Berlin. Her vocals were featured on the widely popular track 'Hawk' by British electronic music duo Bicep, around the same time her debut EP 'Trusted' was released on London's UTTU label. After releasing the full series Action in 2023, she is building tracks for her next full-release album.

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